Machine Tool Spares for Wickman Automatics

Machine Tool Spares holds in stock, an extensive and unmatched range of spares, for all sizes of Wickman multispindle automatics. We can supply new or used machine tool parts that meet original specification, at extremely competitive prices.

Our highly experienced Customer Service Manager will help you identify the correct spare part that you need.


New Parts

Machine Tool Spares holds a wide range of our own new spares, all of which meet original specifications, for the wear parts of all classic Wickman multispindle automatic lathes. All newly manufactured parts are made here in the UK and are of the highest quality standard. The materials used in the manufacture of new parts for the Wickman multispindle automatic are also of the highest quality, and all spares undergo a rigorous assessment process to ensure that our quality standards are maintained.


Used Parts

Machine Tool Spares holds tens of thousands of used and refurbished Wickman spare parts for the full range of Wickman automatic multispindle machines, allowing us to offer some of the less commonly requested parts enabling us to respond rapidly and cost-effectively to our customers’ requirements.